About Me

Dr K

I’m a relatively young physician, but what I lack in years I make up for in enthusiasm. I obtained my MD and completed my internal medicine training in Philadelphia, where I cared for a mostly under-served patient population. Translation: the sickest of the sick! In my current private practice job, most of my patients are also of this demographic. And while I am treating diabetes, heart disease, chronic pain, depression, COPD and a little bit of everything else, the part of my job I enjoy most of all is educating patients and empowering them with the knowledge they require to improve their own health and wellness.

Over the years I have definitely noticed some common themes in the types of medical questions that people ask. The thought occurred to me, that if my patients have these questions I bet a whole lot of other people do too! That idea evolved into this blog.

This site is not meant only to recommend traditional medical treatments. Although I am traditionally trained and certainly prescribe drugs when appropriate, I have developed a particular interest in lifestyle medicine, and integrative approaches to health. Growing up on a Caribbean island, we treat stomach issues by drinking “bush tea”. In our kitchen table, there lay a book on the medicinal properties of herbs. So, in my life there was always a respect and appreciation for natural approaches to treating illness. Hence, the name of this blog

So I’ll put the prescription pad aside and will be sharing tidbits about evidence-based solutions to various medical issues, with an emphasis on Lifestyle factors (ie, diet, nutrition, physical activity) and other non-pharmacological approaches; as I continue to deepen my own knowledge in lifestyle medicine I will share what I learn with you!

I hope to educate, but also entertain. Because ultimately laughter is the best medicine, am I right?!