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So is coconut oil good or not??

So today I read an article where a Harvard professor declared coconut oil is “pure poison”. Say what now? A few days ago, a couple of my blog readers asked me to talk about the health benefits of coconut oil. So I decided this was a perfect time to write this post I’ve been meaning […]

I know soda’s bad but 100% fruit juice is ok….right?

The food advertising industry is amazing. The way certain foods are marketed and labeled provides false reassurance that they are healthy. We’ve been conditioned to equate the certain words and phrases with health, like “all-natural”, “made with real fruit/vegetables “, “cane sugar”. When in many cases, it couldn’t be further from the truth! One example […]

Sinus congestion

If I were to charge friends and family for all the medical advice I give, I’d be able to shop at Sephora a lot more often (which, in retrospect, probably is not a good thing). My last medical question went something like this “so this sinus infection has my face and teeth hurting for a […]

When your “cold” is actually allergies

Around this time last year, mommy dearest started getting frequent colds. She would feel like she was coming down with something; malaise, cough congestion, sneezing. She was treated a few times by her PCP for an “upper respiratory infection”, and when she described her symptoms to me, I agreed with the diagnosis. However, after feeling […]