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How to prepare for your doctor’s appointment

So this post is part of a series of tidbits that are not directly medical, but still related to patient care that I think are helpful. If you like this type of topic and have other questions, email me! As someone who has been a patient myself, I understand all too well the frustration of going […]

Making sense of the cold and flu aisle

So you’re coughing. You have a low grade fever, pounding headache, stuffiness, sore throat. Basically…..you’re feeling crappy. So you drag yourself to the pharmacy (or better yet, somebody awesome who loves you volunteers) to get something to make you feel better. My last post mentioned the types of ingredients that may be helpful in shortening […]


Every now and again, patients come to my office declaring that they plan to start a “detox”, and proffer a bottle of some new product they found at a health food store, so I can review the ingredients and reassure them that it’s safe. The product usually involves some claim of being a “detox”, “improving […]

Kicking off the New Year Healthfully

There’s nothing like a New Year to encourage us to reflect on the successes and shortcomings of the year behind us. Personally, my reflections usually start sometime after the fourth trip to the work break room, which is permanently stocked with the delicious crap I counsel my patients to avoid. I like asking my patients […]

“I don’t believe in the flu shot”: Debunking Myths

So it’s December, and we’re well into flu season. Many people have already gotten their flu shot [ high five], but based on the statistics less than 50% of people receive the vaccine every year. Among those who don’t get vaccinated,  I tend to see the following types of personalities: The Procrastinator– actually plans to get […]