Let me share what I’m learning! Pearls from Nutrition & Health Conference 2018

Exciting times in the world of health and nutrition!

I am currently attending the 15th Annual Nutrition and Health Conference, sponsored by University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. This is actually my second year attending, and if you’ve been reading my blog and checked out my bio, you know how much I emphasize nutrition as a HUGE part of disease treatment and prevention. I must unreservedly credit this conference for helping to ignite and reinforce this interest, from the first time I attended in 2016.  To this day, I still use some of the information I learned there.

So my plan this year is to share things that I learn with YOU, dear reader! I’ll distill the information into quick, relevant posts for your viewing pleasure and edification..and some of the more interesting presentations will earn themselves a post of its own.

So as an example, today I learned:

-Dietary changes have been clinically proven  to reduce chronic pain, and offset some autoimmune disease

-How Cocoa Flavanols may help reduce cardiovascular disease (yay, chocolate?)

-That not all “whole grains” are REALLY whole grains,  and some are as bad as white flour (oh crap) 

-That intermittent fasting may really boost health 

So stay tuned for the upcoming posts! And don’t forget to subscribe for email updates 🙂

Dr K